Twenty seventeen was a year that saw me get back to enjoying film photography, trying my hand at a bit more street photography and also starting this blog. I ended up shooting next to no film in 2015 and 2016 so this was quite a dramatic turnaround. I really started to appreciate the fun in being limited to 36 exposures, the challenge of mainly manual cameras and in particular using black and white negative film. After selling quite a bit of my previous film kit in 2015, 2017 saw me get a little carried away on eBay nurturing a fair amount of gear acquisition syndrome. I decided I was going to get every Nikon F right through from the original to the F5 (as the F6 is far too pricey for a flippant eBay bid) and with an F2 purchased in December I completed the set. Whilst this may seem excessive to some, I find it really fun switching between these different bodies, which are like snapshots of peak technology for their day. I found myself using the waist level finder for my F3 and F often which gives such a difference in ergonomics when shooting out on the street.

Cameras I tried that didn’t get with me this year included an Yashica Electro GSN and Yashicamat 124G. Granted the Electro looked cool, but I realised that I prefer focusing with an SLR than a Rangefinder. The lack of a fully manual mode was also quite annoying, and so it was not a hard decision to sell after only a few rolls. As for the Yashicamat, I really wanted to like the camera. I am generally a big fan of using medium format, and the form factor of this TLR was great. However I think the focus lens was misaligned or something as many of my images were misfocussed.  So again it got sold with no remorse. A camera that was purchased on a whim but ended up producing some really cool results was the AGFA Optima 335. I took it to NY and was really happy with the street shots I captured. I also picked up a FED2 and Pentax Spotmatic F pretty cheap but they haven’t been used more than looking cool on my shelf.

Processing my own B&W film again in 2017, some 4 years since I last did this, was also fun and rewarding. I still haven’t nailed the final stage in washing / drying the negatives in such as way that reduced dust and watermarks, so this is something to try and improve in 2018. I’m also having ideas that at one point in the future it’d be great to try my hand at printing again – something I only tried a couple of times in the university darkroom with mediocore results. This however seems a pipedream if I am to continue in living in an expensive city.


The Nikon F got its debut in Edinburgh with some TMax 400, my favourite film of 2017. This is probably my favourite image for the year.

The Nikon F4 – wow, what a camera! Its incredible to get matrix metering with on Ai lenses. My only regret is not putting more rolls through it.

Watermarks were an unwelcome distraction in 2017. Digital healing brushes to the rescue.

The AGFA Optima 335 was a big surprise. Bought for a tenner because it looked so cool it really outdid my expectations on how sharp its lens was. Unfortunately its developed a winding fault and may not see many more rolls pass through it.

Whilst I like this portrait of my brother, the Yashicamat really underperformed with its focusing and sharpness. I think most likely I had a copy with a misaligned focus lens.

I tried out some IR style film for the first time with Ilford SFX. I was not very happy with these results and wish I’d stuck with TMax for this trip instead.

Matric metering and autofocus were cool to use out with film again on the Nikon F5


Last photo of 2017 with the Nikon F2 that pretty much completed my top line Nikon film SLR collection


Visiting Utah this year I took the compact folding medium format Ziess Ikon Nettar 517. It was a useful way to use MF on the trip without lugging the Bronica. I got some nice shots with the dreamy qualities that this camera provides.

I didn’t shoot much 35mm colour film in 2017. I did shoot a roll or two of Ektar in the glorious sunshine of Boston and NYC in late spring.

Despite all the new arrivals of its brothers, the Nikon F3 may still be my all time favourite Nikon SLR.

For some time I’d been wanting an outlet for myself to focus on publishing some images. Not because I thought I would receive any sort of external acclaim, but because I thought it would be a helpful thing to focus my mind on creating images that I could curate to some extent. I also saw it as an opportunity to go through some of my old images, sometimes appreciating them in ways I did not before, and reflecting how I want to improve my photography in the future. So I created this blog and also posted more frequently on my Instagram account. My aim initially was to post here at least once a week, and this I did not achieve, however I did find my use of these two platforms achieve my goal of becoming more focused on my photography.