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Category: ilford hp5 plus

Budapest Castle

Bronica SQA + Zenzanon 80mm f2.8 + Ilford HP5 Plus (Budapest, 2012)

Beware. Horses may kick or bite! Thank you

Zeiss Ikon Nettar 517 + Ilford Delta HP5 Plus + Scanned with Epson v700 (London, 2011)

So this picture is from the first roll of film I ever put in the 60+ year old folding camera I inherited from my great grandma. I was taken aback by just how much character this camera can give to photos. This was my first introduction to medium format, and quickly showed me the benefits of the shallower depth of field (for given aperture).

What I like most about this photo is how serious the guard and horse look with the deadpan sign to the side.


Cosina CT1-A + Cosinon 50mm + Ilford HP5 (London 2011)

I first tried out film during my first year of university in 2007. I bought this cheap Cosina camera from a london market stall and ran one roll through it. Unimpressed with the results, and skeptical the camera had a fault, I didn’t touch it again until many years later until I was developing my own film in the university photo societies darkroom. The few rolls I put through it are fun to look back on, and this photo specifically is one of my favourites. This was taken in the basement of the British Museum in their South America room.¬†Whilst I’ve pushed the contrast in post, I am still very impressed how the detail and contrast came out. Looking at this image I find it hard not to be absorbed into thinking about where this stone statue came from, who made it, and the things it has seen.

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