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Category: kodak tmax 400

Lightbox Monday #11 – Phonebox Drama

Nikon F5 + Nikon 50mm Series E f1.8 + Kodak TMax 400 (NYC, 2017)

Lightbox Monday #10 – NYC Building Textures

Nikon F5 + Kodak TMax 400 + Nikon 50mm f1.8 Series E (NYC, 2017)

Lightbox Monday #5 – Ford 5000 Tractor Portrait

Bronica SQ + 80mm f2.8 + Kodak TMax 400 (Shropshire, 2017)

 There is an excellent restaurant in Northwood in Shropshire set up by family friends and outside there is a quite epic display of the proprietor’s tractor collection. There must be 20-30 tractors there, all Fords, mainly shipped back in containers from New Zealand. It reminded me my camera collection at least doesn’t take up too much space. My wife did not share that point of view. 

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